So I have become transfixed with trying new and interesting things with my nails! I love the ombre look, or super sparkly. Anyway, while I don't have time to post a how-to of some of the projects I have been working on, I did want to post a few links with ideas for glamorizing your nails!

Away We Go

Seventeen Magazine has 10 different nail decorating ideas! My favorite is the one where you dip your finger in Glitter!  I tried this the other night and it came out really awesome and was super easy!

- Bellasugar has a slideshow with beautiful nail polish suggestions! I've done the watermelon look before and it comes out absolutely adorable, although it can be a little tricky getting the lines to look clean!

- Beautylish has a great how-to for the Newspaper nails!

- Swagger has a how-to for Caviar Nails which I have absolutely fallen in love with! I really want to try these!

There are so many other websites out there! If you find any good ones, share them with me!

Holy crap! Nearly 3 months since my last post! I guess that speaks for itself in regards to how outrageously busy I've been with school, work, and personal things! Without a huge spiel, here's a couple of how-tos I have been wanting to post:

      yarn pom-pom


as promised - about 3 months ago - here is the technique behind making a pom-pom out of yarn, as seen on my sock puppet . I also love to make huge ones and wear them on my head as a ridiculously-couture head piece. I've actually recieved a lot of compliments and a few people who want me to make some, so if you're looking for a new hair piece, try making one of these puppies!

these next two how-tos are gifts I made for my boyfriend. I was so happy with how they came out and they where both really easy, I wanted to share them with you:

         Crayon Art


Super Easy. Super Fun. Super Awesome. I loved doing this project and it looks great when it's finished. I know there are a lot of how-tos out there, but I wanted to share the process I did as well!

      Record Clock


Another classic project. It has such a clean and modern look when it's done. My boyfriend is a guitarist and has a huge passion for musc. He also had no clock in his room, so this was an ideal gift!