So Sorry for the lack of posts over the last two weeks. My graduation party is coming up and I have been exceedingly busy assisting my parents with all the festivities.

Fortunately I have the day off tomorrow meaning I can put up a huge post of projects I have been working on based off of other creafter's DIYs. I will show you what DIYs I LOVE and how they have worked for me.

I also have a tutorial I need to create for a skirt recycled from a flannel shirt - sort of a kilt-ish kinda of look. Keep an eye out for that in the not to distant (fingers crossed) future.

But for right now, I wanted to share with you something I am super excited about. The Fabulous Carly J. Cais over at the Amazing blog Chic-Steals included my Ballet Flip Flops in a section of her blog called Links of The Week! I am super excited and honored that she included me!

Please, Please, Please, check out her blog and see all of the other amazing Links of The Week! For now I'm signing off but keep an eye out for some fabulous creations to come!

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