I've been meaning to post this for a while now but I haven't had the chance. A few weeks back I was on one of my favorite blogs studs and pearls when I came accross a pretty cool how-to. Kirsten took a placemat an created a beautiful clutch out of it:

Check out her How-to

Isn't that great!??! I was so inspired by this creation that I began searching the stores for the perfect placemat to use to make a handbag. Then this glorious day came when I was in the Christmas Tree Shop (one of my favorite thrifty places!) and some lovely quilted placemats caught my eye. The best part? The placemats where two for a dollar. Two for a Freakin' Dollar!!! ... I bought Four.

I didn't want to make a clutch because the magnitude of things I carry at one time would require a much larger receptical so I used all four of the placemats to craft a large purse. Then I ran out to Joanne's and grabbed a faux bamboo handle and threw everything together. This is what I came up with:

It's kinda vera bradley-ish and I love it! Thanks Kirsten for the inspiration!!!
For those of you who know me, you know that I nanny for a marvelously wonderful little girl during the summer. one of the greatest things about her is she L-O-V-E-S to craft almost as much as I do, and we spend most of our days rummaging around the house and searching online for projects to try. We've done friendship bracelets, pony-bead necklaces and those fun little bowls you can make out of rolled up magazine. One year we even made a news paper dress! perhaps if I can locate the pictures this might be a creation I can share with you!

Anywho, last week our fun-filled craft-tastic project was TIE-DYE! and what was even better? the kit cost 7 bucks at Christmas Tree Shop (oh dear lord, don't I just love those damn bargains!)
The kit came with:
                                - 5 different dye colors (red, blue, green, yellow and purple)
                                - 5 squeeze bottles to distribute the dye in (with covers so that you can store and use again)
                                - 2 bags of soda ash
                                - 6 pairs of really crappy plastic gloves
                                - A plethora of elastics
                                - Directions and design suggestions

did i mention this thing was only $7 Bucks!

so after hours of dyeing our shirts as well as our hands I created two dyed shirts for myself and a pair of dyed tights as well as a T for my man! but the crown jewel of TIE-DYE was created by Katie (the crafty kid I get to chill with all day). She decided to for-go the traditional techniques of twisting and srunching and created a masterpiece!
I'm so jealous I may have to make myself one!
Luckily I had some dye left over and my cousins and I will be tie-dying tomorrow evening some more, so I may have some more  creations to share with you!