I had a wedding a few weeks ago (not my own, of course). My man was in the wedding (not as the groom, of course!) and naturally I wanted to match him - the wedding color being Purple (which also happens to be my favorite color! No way!) I also wanted to create my own dress and thought it would be an excellent time to try a how-to from one of my favorite blogs: Sweet Verbena.

After creating the dress - An easy, breezy, beautiful (and super comfortable) maxi dress, I decided I wanted to try my hand at dip-dyeing and the ombre look. I experimented a little and was super happy with the results:
I can't wait to try this technique with other articles of clothing! I've also created a How-To for the Ombre Dip-Dying Technique, if you are interested in trying yourself!

Also, check out the How-To by Sweet Verbena for the Boho Maxi Dress, she really deserves all the credit for creating such an excellent how-to for an awesome dress!
So sorry for the lack of posts lately. :(. As you know life can take crazy course. Although things have been hectic, I have been crafting a little. Mostly pattern inspired crafting, but I wanted to share them with you!

It seems that the dresses I have worked on have had a very Twiggy/60's/Mod feel. I even recently cut all my hair off in a short pixie style - Mia Farrow would be so proud!   

Away we go!

the first dress I worked on was from a pattern I found in: Famous Frocks - a book I picked up a while ago and never had a chance to utilize! It's a really awesome book with easy to follow directions. I recommend it highly!

I really loved the final results! I made the dress out of a lime green broadcloth: that's another great thing about the book- each project gives a list of different patterns that would be suitable for the style of the dress. I feel so much like Twiggy in this gown:
The second dress I worked on was a black and white checkerboard dress made from t-shirts. I got the how-to from Rookie Mag. If you haven't checked out this website you NEED to. It's absolutely wonderful!

The how-to which you can find here gave super easy to understand directions and the dress literally took me only an hour! Plus, who doesn't like a dress made of wicked cheap and outrageously comfortable cotton t-shirts. Antother thing I love, is that you could use virtually any combinations on colors. I went for the more traditional - this time! I would love to try making a neon one next!
Once you have the mod dress down, you should also check out Rookie's tutorial for Mod eye make up. It is the final detail that really pulls the 60's look all together! Get the look here!
I am a Katy Perry fan. I always think her costumes are a lot of fun, and I'm pretty envious of some of the things she wears, but one of her outfits I have coveted the most was the card dress in wedding scene from the "Waking Up In Vegas" video.
The dress is from British Designer Ashish's 2009  Spring/Summer Line, and it costs a pretty penny. Around $1,400!

Obviously I don't have that sort of money to just cough up (although the dress is absolutely amazing). So I decided to make my own variation of the dress. Check out my How-To here.

For those of you who know me well, you know that one of my favorite stores of all time is Sal Val's! I love the idea of taking a piece of "junk" or "trash" and turning it into a gem! most of the time I don't edit the clothing I buy because I find just the right piece looking just the way I want it, but every once in a while I come accross a piece which needs some total TLC! Such was the case when I stopped off a the ole' Army and bought myself some new wardrobe pieces.
While I was digging throigh the racks of  jewels I came a ccross a black, long-sleeved, maxi dress with some lace detailing. I instantly loved the detailing and tried it on to discover that it FIT! Alas, the long sleeves gave the appearance of a nightgown, but I was not dismayed, I decided to take the garment home and give it a little TLC!
I took the dress home and snipped off the sleeves, but I loved the lace detailing so I pulled off the lace at the ends and re-stitched it back on to the dress, leaving the top looking like this:
I'm really happy with how it turned out and it is more appropriate for summer weather (although summer is almost over!) If you have any thrift store TLCs I would LOVE to see them!