So sorry for the lack of posts lately. :(. As you know life can take crazy course. Although things have been hectic, I have been crafting a little. Mostly pattern inspired crafting, but I wanted to share them with you!

It seems that the dresses I have worked on have had a very Twiggy/60's/Mod feel. I even recently cut all my hair off in a short pixie style - Mia Farrow would be so proud!   

Away we go!

the first dress I worked on was from a pattern I found in: Famous Frocks - a book I picked up a while ago and never had a chance to utilize! It's a really awesome book with easy to follow directions. I recommend it highly!

I really loved the final results! I made the dress out of a lime green broadcloth: that's another great thing about the book- each project gives a list of different patterns that would be suitable for the style of the dress. I feel so much like Twiggy in this gown:
The second dress I worked on was a black and white checkerboard dress made from t-shirts. I got the how-to from Rookie Mag. If you haven't checked out this website you NEED to. It's absolutely wonderful!

The how-to which you can find here gave super easy to understand directions and the dress literally took me only an hour! Plus, who doesn't like a dress made of wicked cheap and outrageously comfortable cotton t-shirts. Antother thing I love, is that you could use virtually any combinations on colors. I went for the more traditional - this time! I would love to try making a neon one next!
Once you have the mod dress down, you should also check out Rookie's tutorial for Mod eye make up. It is the final detail that really pulls the 60's look all together! Get the look here!
I have recently started working at Barnes and Noble part-time which could be potentially detrimental to my wallet. Fortunately I have stayed strong and avoiced spending and exuberant amount of money on books. In fact, I haven't even purchased anything for myself yet.... until yesturday. I saw this book and I had to get it:
It was the last one we had and I was a little freaked that if i didn't get it right then and there I would never find it again! It's such an incredible book. It has iconic women wearing some of their most iconic dresses (twiggy, marilyn monroe, jackie O, madonna, and the list goes on and on). The book contains directions on how to re-create these "famous frocks" with suggestions on variations and fabric suggestions to make the look your own. The best part is the book also contains the patterns for each of the dresses! I literally screamed for joy!

The only thing that makes me sad about getting this book? Since I am so busy at the moment I wont have a chance to try anything in it for a little bit. :(. I'll have to contain myself until I have the proper amount of time to work on these little beauties.