I had won some fringe in a contest a year or so ago and decided to finally put it to good use. I ran out to Forever 21 and I bought myself two tanks: 1 in red and 1 in black and I put my fringe to work!

I handstitched the fringe on, although you could just as easily use a machine. On the black tank-top I layered 4 strips of the white fringe around the kneck. On the red tank top I layered two strips of the black fringe in a diagonal down the shirt. I unfortunately didn't have enough of the black fringe to keep going, but I would love to add another strip or two to fill it out!
Although I won my fringe from a company no longer around, you can get the same type of chainette fringe from Jo-ann's. The fringe is only about $3!

I'm hoping to use fringe some more in the future! I would love to make a shirt with fringe sleeves, or a skirt covered in fringe. There are so many great uses for fringe. Fringe, Fringe, Fringe! It's my new favorite craft piece!

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