Although I haven't posted too frequently the last two weeks - and haven't put up a new how-to in roughly the same amount of time - that doesn't mean I haven't been crafting. I've spent the last few weeks surfing some of my favorite creation websites and blogs and trying out some of the DIYs and How-Tos I've seen. Below are a couple of my favorites, the links to the website/blog, and a sample of my creation based off of the DIY inspiration. Enjoy!

Thumbtack Jewelry


shared their how-to for Thumbtack Jewelry on Cut Out + Keep. I loved the look of the jewelry and the use of simple office supplies (thumbtacks and paperclips) to create beautiful works of art. I created earrings for two of my friends for their birthdays and they loved them.

T-Shirt Blanket

Cleaning out my dresser I was met with a stack of drama club t-shirts from High School. Although I haven't worn them in years, I couldn't bear to part with them so I pulled out one of my favorite crafting books - Generation-T - and created my own Quilt with my t-shirts. The project is based on Number 88 - Patchwork Punk in the Generation-T book by Megan Nicolay. There is also a Generation-T website where Ms. Nicolay posts tons of other t-shirt creations!

Re-fitting a Button Down


This project is based more on a Technique which can be applied to any oversized shirt. The technique is presented by Carly J. Cais on her blog Chic-Steals. The how-to teaches one how to re-fit a button up to be more flattering on the female figure. Depending on the size/length of the shirt you are using you can also make it into a fitted dress - which is what I did. The pattern and style makes me look a little like a diner waittress, but it is flattering on my figure!

No Sew Tank Top


The last link i want to share with you is a no sew tank top from Teresa Does It. The image provided is Teresa's creation. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of my own creations based on tis super simple how to, but I can assure you that I have been cutting up all of my over sized t-shirts to make these creations. Perfect for the summer!



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