Last summer my mother went to a flea market and purchased a basket full of vintage patterns from the 60's, 70's and 80's for me. Since then I really haven't had the time and the money to try out the patterns. Also, since I am a self-taught sewer - picking up tips and techniques from people, and websites - I was slightly hesitant to attempt a pattern as I had never done it before. A few weeks ago I finally pulled out some cash, purchased some fabric and started trying out the patterns I have.
I call this entry "Adventures in Pattern Land." Come with me! and expect more in the future!
This is the first pattern I attempted. It's from 1969. The shape is relatively simple and it left a lot of room for editing and hiding mistakes. I also really love that the pattern only cost 75 cents!
I shortened it somewhat to make it a long tunic rathen then a short dress and I added a folded detail to the sleeves because the general shape of the dress was a little to t-shirt looking and I wanted it slightly more dressy. I love that the pattern was so easy to edit and modernize!