One of the very first things I learned to DIY was stenciling a t-shirt. I discovered the joy of creating and applying my own, one of a kind stencil to create my own one of a kind t-shirt. Stenciling is a great way to give a unique and specific gift to someone. I've made tons of shirts this way and I have shared my own how-to for Stenciling a Shirt but I have yet to share a how-to on creating your own stencil. I'm not the most adobe photoshop savvy person, but this is how I do it based on tips and techniques I have picked up over time! This same technique can be used to create a template for carving a pumpkin! Enjoy!

Technique: Making a Stencil

I am a Katy Perry fan. I always think her costumes are a lot of fun, and I'm pretty envious of some of the things she wears, but one of her outfits I have coveted the most was the card dress in wedding scene from the "Waking Up In Vegas" video.
The dress is from British Designer Ashish's 2009  Spring/Summer Line, and it costs a pretty penny. Around $1,400!

Obviously I don't have that sort of money to just cough up (although the dress is absolutely amazing). So I decided to make my own variation of the dress. Check out my How-To here.