Let's take a moment, as I update my "inspired by..." page, to honor the recipient of the "You Inspire Brittany" award. She is the creative inspiration behind my feathered earrings, and yesturday she was the fashion icon on my day-by-day calendar. I took this as a sign and knew that now's the time to add this woman to my list!

And the recipient is.... Cherilyn Sarkisian.

Um, CHER! Duh.

Singer, Actress, Fashion Icon, Diva, Gay Icon, and Serial Dater (seriously, who hasn't she canoodled with). She's paved the road for so many performers who have followed in her leather-booted footsteps. This queen definitely inspires the eccentricities in my style (although you probably wont see me in a ribbon covering my lady bits, while a straddle a cannon surrounded by hundreds of sailors).  And I can forgive Burlesque; her outfits may make for some devastatingly fabulous How-To's and her performance was fantastic (although christina's was something to be desired). And my life-long dream? That she will put on just one more farewell tour. please, please pretty please?!

Now Mermaid Daughter, if you love this Mermaid Diva as much as I do, why don't you go check out my mermaid - I mean feathered - earrings and put on "Half-Breed!"

Feather Earrings


After chopping all my hair off I have developed a new found love affair with dangly earrings. I have also been going through my expansive collection of craft supplies and trying to get rid of some things to make room for others. One thing I have far to much of is beads and feathers. I was also dying to make obnoxiously dangly earrings. So I took the feathers and the beads and voila! I created an earring that Cher (in full native american headdress - of course) would be proud of! Hope you enjoy!