Feather Earrings


After chopping all my hair off I have developed a new found love affair with dangly earrings. I have also been going through my expansive collection of craft supplies and trying to get rid of some things to make room for others. One thing I have far to much of is beads and feathers. I was also dying to make obnoxiously dangly earrings. So I took the feathers and the beads and voila! I created an earring that Cher (in full native american headdress - of course) would be proud of! Hope you enjoy!
I just wanted to take a moment out of DIY and crafting and share with you one of my favorite creations of right now.

The Living Dress

Lady Gaga presented this dress during her Monster Ball Tour. It was designed by Hussein Chalayan and constructed by Vanilla Burnham. It is fashion ingenuity; the combination of style and movement; dancing fabric.

Gagapedia explains that "The fabrics used were stainless steel, various forms of nylon fabrics, sheet and rods, different weights of plastic sheeting and coutil for the corset. The dress is very heavy, but the weight was distributed so that the dress would be wearable."

The dress was debuted on February 24th 2010 during the Monster Ball Tour. Unfortunately the performance I went to this year in Boston did not feature this aspect of the show (I would have died if I did) and had no idea of its existance until HBO premiered the Concert at the beginning of this month.

I find myself dreaming of this dress and the future of fashion; what if every day normal clothing moved, like a fashionable dance... Hmmmm?


So I'm sure a bunch of you, like many of my dearest friends, ran like hell to Old Navy on Saturday to snatch up their infamous $1 flip-flops . I unfortunately didn't get a chance to shoot over and buy a few - And by a "few" I mean 15-20 in varying colors and shades. Furthermore, I have more flip-flops then I can handle right now so I didn't really need anymore. In fact, I have so many flip-flops that I decided to upgrade an unused pair. This project is ligitimately 2 steps and requires little to no skil!

My inspiration? Black Swan starring Natalie Portman
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Welcome to my crazy world of DIY. Enjoy!